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Industrial 3D Printing Services

Discover our 3D printing applications for industrial use.


3D printing and robotics can be a powerful and efficient combination. We produce complex parts with a variety of uses.


3D printing is ideal for creating light-weight parts, such as rotors and other parts for drones.

Robotic arm

By reverse engeneering and creating CAD models, we make functional parts for robotic CNC arms.

Ziggzagg Industrial
Ziggzagg Industrial
Ziggzagg Industrial
Ziggzagg Industrial

Machinery & equipment

We facilitate the production of qualitative industrial equipment, machine parts and performant solutions for industrial assembly.


3D printing allows for customised parts that require extremely precise measurements. For example, the grippers on drones that keep a camera steady in place.

Jigs & fixtures

Precise measurements and dimensions are essential when creating jigs. Just think about the front grill of a car that needs to be held in place. 3D printing guarantees the most precise production of these holds.

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