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Company analysis

To offer you the best solution, we first have to understand your specific requirements. We invest time in our customers to fully understand their needs and the challenges of their industry. 


Optimize your product

Using Agile PLM we compare your products  with desired production requirements and AM-data to result in improved production efficiency


Optimize manufacturing processes

We optimize your product’s design for additive manufacturing (DFAM). This way, we ensure the most cost, time and energy efficient production based on the specific properties of your product.


Design and texturize

We help you design and optimize your CAD models for 3D printing. Additionally, we enhance your design with a wide range of finishing options, surface textures that range from very fine to leather-like rough details.


3D scanning

Scanning physical objects can be a simple solution to create highly-detailed models that can be easily recreated. We use professional 3D-scanners to analyse and digitize your product, resulting in a 3D model that can be adjusted and improved. Using a GOM-scanner, we also provide a service for precisely measuring your objects


Training session

Do you want to know more about additive manufacturing? We offer workshops to our customers to update their AM knowledge and help gain useful insights in the 3D softwares and production processes.



3D printing allows you to produce high-quality prototype models faster at a lower cost. In addition, it is the fastest way to develop custom-made pieces. Our experts are at your service with the best advice for a cost-effective production. Get your instant quote using our online tool and order your prototype with next-day delivery!


Learn more about the chemical resistancy of our materials

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“Great accuracy and repeatability. Parts were better (and even a little bit cheaper) than the ones from a well known Belgian competitor.”


Marius Schild

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Want to know more about one of our materials? Discover the properties of your preferred material!

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