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Tailored Projects

Looking for a custom-made part for your personal project? We also provide tailored solutions for objects in low quantities and one-off creations.


A great achievement deserves a great trophy. Our experts are excellent at designing, producing and finishing beautiful awards for any sport, gaming contest or professional price show.

Ziggzagg Tailored Projects

Games award

Tailored to the needs of the costumer, we created highly personalized gaming awards in all (possible) colors of the rainbow. Different types of varnish and paint make for unforgettable eye-catching awards.

Company award

Just like awards for gaming, we tailor the product to the needs of your contest, company event, etc.

Ziggzagg Tailored Projects

Educational projects

3D printing is a practical solution for educational projects in museums, schools, classrooms, … We make demanding and complex objects affordable and accessible to everyone.


Making real art accessible via 3D scanning to the ‘ordinary’ people, who can experience the artefacts as if they had the real model in their hands. For the blind community, it’s a world of difference to feel the real model.


We democratise school by offering affordable models and items for educational purposes.

Ziggzagg Tailored Projects


Do you have an artistic vision, but you lack the tools to materialize your idea? Our 3D printing techniques might just be what you need to create your unique art project.

Custom-made projects

We help create all kinds of art. From 3D-scanning big art to making miniatures, like the Club Brugge miniatures op bottle caps.

Ziggzagg Tailored Projects

Michaël Vandezande

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