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We keep things moving by applying our innovative technology to the constantly changing needs of the transportation industry.


We help optimize the production process of the automotive industry by offering fast and qualitative solutions for custom-made parts, from design to manufacturing.

Sun-shade clip

We produce holders for sunshades on a window. In addition to the traditional version (smooth injection molded design) we have made a leather-look variant, same price, better aesthetic!

Interior parts

3D printing offers the possibility to produce a wide range of interior parts, from small fixtures to complex parts.

Ziggzagg Transportation
Ziggzagg Transportation

Electrical vehicles

Sustainability and durability are at the core of what we do. Providing production solutions for electrical cars only seems like the logical cooperation between pioneering industries.

Ziggzagg Transportation

EV machines

3D printed parts for EV machines are lightweight solutions. And as the science goes: less weight, longer battery life.

EV bike

With our 3D printing technique, we equip lightweight accessories like battery holders to EV bikes by major brands like Cowboy.

Ziggzagg Transportation


How can we improve the ease and comfort of train travel? 3D printing allows us to actively improve this dynamic sector.

TPU sealings

We conceptualize and produce lightweight solutions to provide quick repairs on old models of trains.


Some old parts are too hard to find or to recreate with traditional molding. That’s where 3D printing steps in.


More affordable materials, faster production and no investment needed in a product catalogue. For small parts like buttons, 3D printing is the way to go.

Vertical transportation

We like to take things to another level. Quite literally sometimes. We create practical parts for elevators and escalators.


We offer solutions for the production of cover plates, unique buttons that are no longer available, …


Print the brush holder at the entrance of the rubber band of an escalator? Not a problem for our experienced team.

Ziggzagg Transportation
Ziggzagg Transportation
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